Výzkum v rámci rodin

Ancestor research

Do you want to know more about your ancestors? Based on existing documents and information we will use archives, parochial registers and other sources to find your ancestors.

Genealogical tree preparation

Do you want to know more about your family and see the information presented appropriately? Based on existing documents and the results of the ancestor research we will prepare a genealogical tree for you in an attractive design. If you would rather, we can prepare your genealogical tree using a genealogical EDP programme which will give you the possibility of including your descendants.

Searching for missing relatives

Have you lost contact with relatives due to adoption, divorce or other family-related events? We will use family research methods to search for your relatives – all over the world.

Organising and filing family documents etc.

Do you have many family documents, photos and archivable memories of your family but don’t know how to arrange them in a straightforward and comprehensible way? We will sort through and arrange these documents for you and will set up a filing system which you will be able to use in the future. On request we are able to entirely design company archive systems and, when required, can provide ongoing archival support.

Family chronicles

You don’t want to pass on your family history to future generations by word-of-mouth alone? Based on documents, proved family facts, photos and family tales we will prepare a family chronicle for you.

Family name documentation

Do you want to know more about the meaning of your family name? With the help of existing documents we will search for the regional provenance of your family and research the meaning of your family name.

Grave research

Are you searching for the grave of relatives or famous people? Based on available facts we can search for those graves – across the globe.

Nobility confirmation

Are you of noble descent or have you been told so by your family? We can verify this information and search for the respective nobility documents on your behalf.