Historikerkanzlei Genealogisch-Historische Recherchen

Please come and explore our website and find out more about who we are and what we do. Unlike in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, the United States of America and, above all, France, where genealogical-historical companies are well known and are often structured under the umbrella of a professional organisation, this type of institution has remained relatively unknown in Austria until now.

Historikerkanzlei Genealogisch-Historische Recherchen GmbH was founded in 2004 by three historians with the collaboration of a university professor for Modern and Contemporary History. Since then we have focused on supporting our clients in the areas of genealogical research and heir search, whilst also offering a range of other historical services.

Today, we have 30 highly-qualified employees (mainly historians and legal professionals) and approximately 120 freelance correspondents and partners in almost 100 countries all over the word (including 2 employees in Israel, 2 in Great Britain and 2 in Poland, together with further personnel in key emigration countries).

With such an extensive staff base, we have been one of the largest Austrian institutions of our kind since our company was set up and have developed into the largest genealogical firm in Austria by far. As professional genealogists we are a member of the “Association of Professional Genealogists” (www.apgen.org), and, as such, adhere to their Code of Ethics.

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Areas of expertise

We are offering our customers a wide range of services.

Heir search

Legal order of succession comes into force whenever the order of succession has not been clarified by a last will and testament.

Family research

Do you want to know more about your family and see the information presented appropriately?

Procurement of documents

Do you need old documents in order to protect your rights and interests? We will find all necessary documents and prepare the originals as required.

Pro bono

Commitment to charity is important to us. We have adapted sponsorships in Africa, Asia and Latin America.