Pro Bono

As well as our financial commitment to diverse genealogical and historical associations and institutions in Austria, we also strive to help bone marrow transplantation patients free of charge.

Although 52,000 people in Austria have put their names on the Austrian Ancestral Cell Register and the search for suitable donors is carried out via an international network, very often a suitable donor with the right tissue type (the so-called human leucocyte antigen) cannot be found, as there are approximately 2,000 known tissue types in a wide variety of combinations.

The best chance of finding a suitable donor is amongst first-degree and second-degree relatives as tissue types are related to family background. Central Europeans, for example, have a good chance of finding a suitable donor in Central Europe, the Americas or Australia (the latter because of the history of emigration).

In many cases, however, family ties no longer exist due to fleeing, displacement and emigration, and this reduces the chance of finding a suitable donor within one’s family.

Thanks to our professional expertise and our cooperation partners all over the world we are able to find distant relatives of the patient, even if they live far away, often on a different continent, and contact them for you.

If you are in need of such a search, please send an email to

We will then contact you.