Austrian Judicature

Unfortunately, sometimes heirs, who were found out by our employes, try to question the claim for remuneration of our company. In addition you will find a list of Court decicions which confirmed the heirs‘ liability to pay:
GoA-claim/ claim with reference to an agency without specific authorisation in the amount of 35% justified, district COURT Innere Stadt VIENNA, DATED 29/11/2010 CLAIM FOR REMUNERATION IN THE AMOUNT UP TO 15-40 % depending on the degree of kinship, high provincial court vienna dated 26/05/2010 confirmation of this decision by the supreme court dated 12/07/2000 claim by the genealogist, AGENCY WITHOUT SPECIFIC AUTHORISATION IN THE AMOUNT OF 20 % JUSTIFIED, supreme court, dated 03/10/1996

International Decisions

In Europe too, there were a number of decisions which conformed the claim for remuneration by genealogist offices, a short list of which will be given in the following:

  • Landgericht Darmstadt, decision dated 29th June 2000, 13015/99
  • Kammergericht Berlin, decision dated 05th November 2001, 26 U 10301/100
  • Landgericht Berlin, decision dated 01st February 2002, 35.0.423/01
  • Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris dated 11th February 2003, 03/80053
  • Tribunal de Grande Instance de Creteil dated 18th March 2003, 02/12791/2eme Chambre
  • Landgericht Ellwangen, decision dated 14th Mai 2003, 5 O 95/03
  • Landgericht Berlin, decision dated 19 th December 2003, 35 O 131/03
  • Tribunal de Grande Instance de Grasse dated 27 th January 2006, RG N° 04/07781
  • Oberlandesgericht Brandenburg, decision dated 20 th May 2008, 11 U 157/07
  • Landgericht Potsdam, decision dated 07 th October 2008, 6 O 128/08