Curious heir research in Austria and the US

In the course of our research we come across very fascinating stories of families and their fate. Only recently, we have solved a “bigamist case”:

In the year 1890, the grandfather of our deceased left his wife and his ten-year-old daughter and emigrated to the United States. When he arrived there, he changed his name and got married again, even though he officially was still married to his wife in Vienna. With his second wife he had also three children, out of these one grandchild is still alive. This grandchild is the cousin of our deceased. After extensive research we managed to find the declaration of death of the grandfather, as his first wife in Austria initiated the necessary proceedings in order to officially become a widow. With the help of this declaration we were able to prove that the deceased in Austria and the cousin in the US are related to one another and that the cousin is the legitimate heir.