To whom it might concern:

Over the last year and a half I had the pleasure of dealing with Dr. Nicolas Forster of, located in Vienna, Austria.I was originally contacted by his office when they discovered an unclaimed property in Austria belonging to a recently deceased, distant relative of mine.Forster’s office first requested legal authorization for proceeding with the recovery, with the clear written understanding that no up-front costs would be involved on my part, and that all expenses would be borne by his office, as part of his commission which had been negotiated at the beginning. Overall the procedure lasted for more than a year. It involved a number of notarized birth and death certificates in various European countries (in my case Austria, Monte Carlo, Italy and Rumania) which took some time to obtain, translate into German and legalize. The whole package was then submitted to the relevant Austrian authorities for their consideration. I am happy to say that the request came to a satisfactory conclusion in the spring of 2011; the Austrian government paid their part, and Forster’s office forwarded to me my slice. I highly recommend Nicolas Forster, his office acted very professionally, answered all my questions in a timely matter, either by phone or e-mail, and eventually brought the whole process to a good conclusion.
Sincerely, Herbert W. Hamber Ph.D. / Irvine, 22 March 2011